Oxford comma legal writing and research

Lawyers for the truck drivers argued that their work, the distribution of goods, was subject to overtime pay from Oakhurst Dairy, but the packing for shipment or the packing for distribution was not. Punctuation is not necessary, but it can help.

We said the first purpose of punctuation is to help the reader. It is also the habit, now only regarded as acceptable in North America, where the final full stop, semi-colon, colon, exclamation mark or punctuation mark always goes within the final quotation mark.

Department and the University still stands behind the rule. Proponents say it helps eliminate ambiguity. What message does the Oxford comma give?

These are commonly understood, are they not? This style needs less punctuation. A shorter pause on a face -- not long enough to actually decide on the actor's mood -- might evoke questions in the viewer.

Many sources are against both systematic use and systematic avoidance of the serial comma, making recommendations in a more nuanced way see Usage and subsequent sections. The Oxford comma is what separates us from the animals. To clarify, an ellipses is always and only three dots and has a space on either side.

The Oxford comma, the double quotation marks, and in particular the habit of including final punctuation marks within quotation marks, are all commonly used in North America. The Victorians won choice, and began the batting.

We do not replace the mandamus to use it with a prohibition against it. If it does neither, it will not appear. Because sometimes, as with the EU example above, a comma is necessary to resolve ambiguity.

Likewise, those who fail to understand the comma as a simple pause may well find their writing style more limited than necessary. Americans are more likely to be happier with the original. But the way they are punctuated is significantly different.

And through practice these once-necessary commas become optional and rarely used. So in this case neither the serial-comma style nor the no-serial-comma style resolves the ambiguity. It is true, always, that where the writer wishes, for whatever reason, to convey a message, maybe to slow down, the punctuation will be there.

The Victorians won choice, and began the batting. Part of my job as columnist is to observe writing trends, and it appears to me that the serial comma is ascendant.

Conversely we can analyse the second text and see what punctuation may have been there had it been written in Finally, there is the issue of the dash, both en dash and em dash.

The Oxford Comma and Other Punctuation Issues

Three people They went to Oregon with Betty, as well as a maid and a cook. To my parents, Ayn Rand, and God.They even explain the smallest details of legal writing – commas – with a touch of humor: “The comma before the conjunction is commonly known as ‘the Oxford comma.’ We like it and recommend it for all legal writers, and we don’t care how you happen to feel about Oxford as an institution or a location.”.

Oxford Writing Style Guide: Final Hints to Keep in Mind! When it comes to the Oxford writing style guide, a student should focus on choosing an adequate topic, testing opportunities of elaborating the chosen idea, and deciding on the strategy to present the information to the target audience.

Statutory Interpretation in the Age of Grammatical Permissiveness: he so-called Oxford comma (also known as the serial comma) is a lot more dangerous than its exclusive, ivory-tower moniker might suggest.

Serial comma

There are people who embrace the Oxford comma, Teaching Legal Research and Writing, Author’s Guide and Style Sheet ( In English language punctuation, a serial comma or series comma (also called an Oxford comma or a Harvard comma) is a comma placed immediately before the coordinating conjunction (usually and or or) in a series of three or more terms.

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Oxford comma (also known as the "serial comma" or "Harvard comma") is the name given to the optional final comma in a series.

In the phrase "ham, egg, and chips" it's the comma between "egg" and "and".

Oxford comma legal writing and research
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