Branding research

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The most common associations are innovative and quality. Obviously, to attain loyal repeat customers and even at times a premium price, the market must be aware of and have a positive perception of your brand.

Similar expenditures may be seen during the World Cup finals or the Olympics where signage and logos are also used extensively to promote a brand. Brand perception Measuring brand awareness will tell you if people know your brand, but measuring brand perception will tell you what those people think of the brand.

Each of these messages must be consistent with your overall brand positioning. What is brand research?

Building a Brand Research Strategy: How to Analyze Your Brand

Using this as input, larger scale surveys can be created to elicit responses from a broader audience of users. You may also learn that your clients value traits in your company that you had never appreciated before — traits that might make good differentiators.

Undertaking competitive analysis can give insights to help you position and improve your offering. How loyal are your current clients likely to be? The relearning required for 21st century marketers is at the center of our approach to preparing marketers for brand leadership in an age of disruption.

Seek emotional and rational responses. Eight family brands were selected to replace and simplify the previous portfolio. What are they most interested in? We are either part of the old or part of the new. How do these compare with competing brands? For example, the various brand characteristics can be plotted according to the degree of association across company sizes, countries, business units, etc.

Brand Research

What turns them off? Make sure your next marketing campaign is 'green' and that your team, clients and suppliers are encouraged to think about the environment, in everything they do. We inspire action that drives results.

Employees Any customer facing employee should have some insight into what prospects and customers think of your brand. What does the brand represent for consumers? You may think you know the answers to these questions already — but after conducting research, most firms find significant gaps between internal perspectives and the facts on the ground.

With social intelligence, you also have to design your methodology. Whether you call it brand research, branding research or brand equity research, following are some examples, all of which may be addressed and answered with a solid market research program.

You can conduct surveys in person, by telephone or online. The importance of branding research Penetration and advocacy We also measure penetration — the proportion of your target market using your brand.

Brand Research

If you aim at the opposite end of the market, do people associate your brand with savings and economy or cheap, inferior products? Brand Maps — visualising brand associations Correspondence analysis is used in branding research to analyse the relationship between brands and various brand characteristics product and service attributes through a brand map.

Shopping experience Whether your shopfront is brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, understanding perceptions of your shopping experience is also valuable. In most cases, we would then measure brand performance just as we would in a customer satisfaction survey, finding out how people rate your brand on all the attributes that have been shown to be important.

Word clouds identify and highlight the key themes mentioned in a question by presenting the most common and repetitive themes as Branding research largest words. How do you compare?

Wordle showing the associations respondents had with a brand. Frieden Qualitative Services Telephone: Surveys The good old fashioned survey is still a great source of consumer views on brands and product categories, and can be useful regardless of what development stage the brand is at.

Some of these differentiators may be decisions that you make to do things differently.Circle Research White Paper ¢ B2B Branding Research B2B Branding Research IN SUMMARY This paper on B2B branding research: ¢ Defines what a brand is and why it matters to B2B companies ¢ Outlines the commercial benefits of having a strong brand ¢ Identifies the seven key features of a strong brand ¢ Details a three step process to measuring brand.

Speak to the branding research experts Home > Research Services > Research Services > Branding Research A brand is very valuable and an asset to any company.

BRANDING AND RESEARCH is a Quality service from KRISSAR CONSULTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED providing Sales and Marketing Support and Services. Brand Research The most successful brand research studies the habits of people who use your competitors and points to ways to affect their environment to get them to think about your brand as a.

The strongest brand strategies are built on a concrete foundation of research and analysis. That’s why each BrandingBusiness engagement begins with a comprehensive brand discovery process. Brand Research Every brand aspires to connect with customers in a tangible, emotional way that results in a lifelong bond.

To the victors go the spoils of loyalty, up-sell, cross-sell and referrals.

Branding research
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