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Furthermore, this book establishes how various health issues impact each other. The picture from this link takes information on the website about sleep deprivation and presents it in the form of a diagram.

The Questionnaire and the Beck Depression Inventory were used to evaluate sleep disturbances and depressive symptoms. Using Wikipedia, I learned a lot about what sleep does for our body and what our body does while we sleep.

The data, accessible to the user on a PC or Mac, can be submitted via the internet to the sleep clinic for analysis and diagnosis. The references are listed under five headings: The research project is to test the hypothesis that patients with bipolar disorder display a systematic bias to underestimate sleep duration and overestimate sleep latency.

This site discusses the polyphasic sleep cycles that many people use. Wilson S, Nutt D. It is also a good review of a wide range of life-style and other non-surgical options in treatment, including nasal dilators.

Annotated Bibolgraphy

Authoritative, comprehensive, in-depth handbook for patients to guide them through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Croarkin, they are with the department of psychiatry. Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Biological Rhythms. This source has information on almost everything including excessive sleepiness, the environment you sleep in, and how to get a good night's sleep.

In summary, the current review identified a relationship between impaired neurocognitive and occupational functioning in BD. Most patients are adults with jobs and children who cannot leave their homes unattended, and thus their sleep disorders go undiagnosed for a very long time.

The main finding of the present study was a reduction in gray matter volume in the right posterior insular cortex of patients with BD-I and a lifetime history of hallucinations, as compared to subjects with the same diagnosis but no history of hallucinations.

Simon and Schuster, These cycles are quite rigorous and supposedly more efficient as well. There were no restrictions for age, party, ethnicity, or other variables. In this study, most of the subjects were interviewed in their adulthood, and used the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia-Lifetime version SADS-L format 14 for diagnostic interviews.The Most Common Sleeping Disorders in America | Frederick D.

Keenan | Voorhees College | Abstract This paper will discuss the different types of sleeping disorder that people face throughout the America.

Annotated Bibolgraphy

Here is a list of the most common ones in America, insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and sleepwalking and night terrors. Hurd is a researcher in the field of dream studies, who has published books on sleep problems.

Although well backed by evidence from scientific studies, this article is not a scholarly source, as it was published on his own site, the Dreams Study Portal, and was not peer-reviewed by other professionals.

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Annotated Bibliography Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, and National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute. Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Biological Rhythms. Colorado Springs, CO: BSCS, NIH Curriculum Supplement Ser. Developing a good understanding of the process a human undergoes while sleeping can lead to a person having a much.

The research project is to test the hypothesis that patients with bipolar disorder display a systematic bias to underestimate sleep duration and overestimate sleep latency. The methodology used to assess sleep latency and duration in 49 euthymic participants (bipolar = 21; healthy controls = 28) for 5–7 days.

Dec 01,  · SLEEP, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, AND SLEEP DISORDERS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. The author of this paper explored the difficulty of diagnosing sleep disorders due to the inability of many patients to have time to devote to an overnight sleep observation at a sleep center.


Annotated bibolgraphy sleeping disorders
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