An analysis of the collapse of the bronze age

The Bronze Age Collapse

He is a National Geographic Explorer, a Fulbright scholar, and an award-winning teacher and author. Semitic peoples — including Aramaeans, Chaldeans, and Suteans — also arrived in the region during this time, likely coming from the South East.

Found in Neirab or Tell Afis in present-day Syria. Having the type of communities in which politics, economics, and religion were all focused around singular sites made it far too easy for these fires to almost instantaneously devastate order.

Mass migrations such as these are generally triggered by combinations of factors, including: Babylonia rose to prominence in the Bronze Age around B. Later fortresses along the Libyan coast, constructed and maintained by the Egyptians after the reign of Ramesses II, were built to reduce raiding.

As the noted historian Robert Drews put it: The urge to find a single explanation as the cause for such calamitous events seems to come from a modern human need for an easy explanation as often as possible.

Rob Tempio at Princeton University Press. Did it have anything to do with your prior archaeological work at Tel Kabri and Megiddo in Israel? On those fronts, here are a few things worth noting: The Battle of Djahy, which pitted the Egyptians against the Sea Peoples occurred a few years earlier.

The Year Civilization Collapsed has already been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch, with translations into six more languages soon to appear. These — when combined with over complexity of governing systems, and growing bureaucracy, as well as technological changes — appear to have proved challenges too difficult for the traditional warrior aristocracies of the region to meet.

Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. Oil on panel, last third of the 16th century CE? Uploaded by Karen Barrett-Wilt, published on 19 May under the following license: Hattusas, the Hittite capital, was burned — probably by Kaskians, possibly aided by the Phrygians — abandoned, and never reoccupied.

But, it has long been clear that it took much more than a single cause to bring down the Bronze Age civilizations.The Late Bronze Age world of the Eastern Mediterranean, a rich linkage of Aegean, Egyptian, Syro-Palestinian, and Hittite civilizations, collapsed famously years ago and has remained one of the mysteries of the ancient world since the event’s retrieval began in the late 19th century AD/CE.


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What Caused The Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse?

of the Requirements. for the Degree of. MASTER OF ARTS IN ANTHROPOLOGY. A new study shows that drought spurred the collapse of Bronze Age civilizations on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

This abandonment of cities and the general collapse of urban life that took place in the eleventh century B.C. is known by historians as the Bronze Age Collapse.

The Late Bronze Age Collapse, often alternately referred to as the Mycenaean Palatial Civilization Collapse, was a period of time — roughly between the years of BC ( years ago) — that was violent, and catastrophically disruptive with regard to cultures, social systems. 1 The end of the Bronze Age c.

BC in the Eastern Mediterranean is an ongoing topic of scholarly debate. Some scholars blame the sudden and violent collapse of Bronze Age.

An analysis of the collapse of the bronze age
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